Saturday, March 29, 2008


There's nothing like a Blues victory to lift the spirits and we earned a very good victory against Manchester City today, having played with ten men for a significant portion of the game. Other results went our way and we will now need to screw up very badly if we want to achieve relegation. Once again, our football was pleasing on the eye and given that we were missing both Kapo and Mcfadden, this was a bonus. Mind you, we did have Zarate. A couple of games ago some of our fans were suggesting he is too lightweight and didn't have a football brain. I begged to differ then and I beg to differ now, not that anyone wants to differ anymore. This man is going to be a superstar; there is no way we will be able to keep him, but it looks like it will be fun while it lasts.

Our resident comedian, Liam Ridgwell was out and the defence looked much stronger as a result, with Quedrue looking very much the part until his sending off. It looks like we have finally found a decent centre half, by accident. When Benjani went through for the sending off incident I was bellowing for our defence not to foul him, but French Frank couldn't help himself. Why do players do that? It has to make more sense to let the opposition player have his chance against the keeper than to give away a penalty and get sent off? Didn't matter anyway, because Manchester City were not very good and didn't really threaten again.

We have played well in a good few games under Eck now (played badly in a few too)and have held our own against some good opponents. With a bit of consistency now we will be alright, and if Kapo, Mcfadden and Zarate play in the same team we will stay up comfortably. A victory over Wigan next week would be nice, because as well as making our position more secure it would drop them back in it. Steve Bruce gets on my nerves and I didn't like the way he left us; I would be quite happy to see them go down; not that I'm particularly vexed by it.

While I am on about managers whio get on my nerves, I don't suppose we will see Diaby in an Arsenal shirt again after his horrific tackle today, which was much more venomous and dangerous than the one that crippled Eduardo. Wenger is an honourable, decent and ethical man, surely he doesn't want that kind of player in his team? Perhaps he does "I was not upset with the sending-off because his foot was a bit high," he said. "I feel it was more a protective tackle than an aggressive one but he was too high" That comment demonstrates the shallowness and hypocrisy of Wenger. He had better watch out if Sepp Blatter gets wind of it!

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