Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tonight We Ride

Every now and then a case at work will become interesting and I will look at the notes and see I haven't written any for months, because nothing has been happening and will think, "oh shit". Then I will start frantically banging out a precis of recent events in the forlorn hope that somehow my arse will be covered if it all goes tits up. This blog has become a bit like that. I will come across something of interest and think "I must blog that" and then when I come here I will see that the poor thing has been ignored and abandoned for weeks. It's probably time to give it up.

Most people reading this blog will not have the pleasure of seeing and hearing Leighton James pontificate on Welsh football. He's like a low rent Rodney Marsh, always seeking controversy and like Rodney, he has overstepped the mark and been given the order of the boot by the BBC. His crime was to state that as a Swansea fan he would find it hard to stomach a Cardiff victory in the FA Cup. Nothing wrong with that, but it was too honest for the BBC. If you wonder why we have to put up the banal likes of Alan Shearer on the telly, there's why; our national broadcaster is scared stiff of an honest opinion.

For someone who claims to be “a simple Buddhist monk,” the Dalai Lama has a large carbon footprint and often seems as ubiquitous as Britney Spears

A photo essay on Coney Island, off season.

I'm reading Twilight by William Gay and while I'm only about halfway in, I think I can recommend it. He's a new writer to me and I am glad I came across him, because his writing is superb and reminds me of T.C Boyle, not in style, but in the sheer quality of the writing. The villain of this one is shaping up to be one of the great ones. If you like Daniel Woodrell, you will like this guy.

An excerpt

A short story

Another candidate for sporting quote of the year: Boca Juniors defender Julio Cesar Caceres says he wants to 'knock the head off' Gimnasia y Esgrima striker Diego Alonso after Alonso carried out 'an act of on-field man-love'. 'The guy stroked my arse. It was an unacceptable moment. Who does he think he is? At the time I wanted to thump his face, but I held my dignity. I didn't want the red card. But seriously - I am very masculine. He needs to take a hard look at himself.'

The Farce of Iraqi Sovereignty

"They create a desolation and call it peace"
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