Thursday, August 29, 2002

Aki Rihiilahti is a footballer in the English first division. His website has become something of a cult and is worth reading regardless of any love for football, it is very off the wall and very far removed from the usual footballers claptrap (see any Icons site). His updates seem to have become somewhat sporadic and the latest is dated 8 August, though it has only just appeared. It's worth the wait anyway.

Photos of the Notting Hill carnival

Don't know quite what to make of this football news thingy, maybe it's a good thing, maybe not. I shall give it a whirl.

I'm all for a bit of tolerance.

All you never wanted to know about American Pie

Caves of the Thousand Buddhas

A guide to America from modern humourist.

Build yourself a chuffin city.

Lord love a duck. I really like this music site, the radio show is just the chuffin job, depending on your mood.

Bush reads a book
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