Saturday, August 24, 2002

Big sigh. Here we go again. Their keeper plays a blinder, our strikers are unlucky, we played well, life is unfair. We have been saying this for years, it's amazing the way otherwise mediocre keepers come to St Andrews and play absolute blinders, while we come away thinking we could have scored, well, several. It's not luck, it's incompetence, we lose because we deserve to. Our strikers go close because that is all their talent allows. We need more quality, it's a simple as that.
The game was better than I predicted and we gave it a good old go, which is only fitting. First game at home, massive media hype, big crowd giving it everything, fireworks, everything. And we lose. Blackburn have some good players who tested us severely throughout, but they are not out of the top drawer, given the circumstances, it is a bit worrying not to have got a point, or even three. The noise and stimulation won't be there on dull November days and the place is likely to become very quiet if we have a bad run, but Savage will return onWednesday. We are saved. Morrisons pies come highly recommended.

Talking of pie.

Everytime my brother, the pie eater, goes to Brum he comes back waxing nostalgic. Today it was Kunzle cakes, so of course I had to find what I could on the delicate little things. I didn't find much, but came across this memoir from a brummie geezer. It's alright.
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