Wednesday, August 21, 2002

Neil Lennon was looking forward to captaining Northern Ireland tonight. That was until he received a death threat which forced him to withdraw from the squad and return home. He has had merciless abuse in the past for the sin of being a catholic, but thought it had all gone away. Clearly it hasn't, the bloke must be a gibbering wreck. I await the response from the FA of Northern Ireland with interest. I also look forward to seeing what his team mates have to say. I don't think I would have turned out if I had been involved, but then that's easy for me to say.

Jeff Bridges has been in some of my favourite films. Hardly classics but nearly always solid , watchable and intelligent. Usually funny too. The Dude, the Fabulous Baker Boys, and Thunderbolt and Lighfoot spring to mind. Now he has written one of my favourite blogs, which is being linked to all over the place. Some are being a bit sneery about it but I love it, and anyone who can stay married for 25 years in that business is o.k in my book.

The New York Times attended a course which is run for the benefit of NFL rookies. The article is brilliant, sometimes hilarious, sometimes downright worrying, but well worth a look. Found on Sportsfilter

The fat being better for you than carbs story is old I know, this is a good article on it though.

Bleeding Nora, there's a spooky coincidence. No sooner do I mention Lemony Snicket and the Guardian publishes an interview with him.

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