Sunday, August 04, 2002

I have a brother in law called Chris, he visited with the sister this weekend. He snored very loudly and fixed one of my stereos, he always fixes something because he has a very large brain. So why the hell he is sending me links to a sick bag museum gawd only knows.

Stoke City 0 Birmingham City 2 (Sunday Times link reg required, not really worth it in this particular case, unless you are a Blues fan, generally, though, you might as well, unless you live overseas)

Rumsfeld, Iraq, Kurds, Chemical Weapons. You really couldn't make it up.

All you could possibly wish to know about Swamp Soccer

Old maps

Paul Kimmage wrote a great book on life as a domestique in cycle racing, he also ghosted the Tony Cascarino autobiography(extract here). Now he has published a very brilliant interview with Irish football legend Paul Mcgrath. Since Ian Ridley ghosted autobigraphies by Paul Merson and Tony Adams, highly confessional pieces, detailing the flaws of our heroes have become de riguer. Kimmage really seems to have his finger on the pulse of human frailty though.

Being around my eldest, who is seven, is like having a little American creature about the place, I think I will have to start rationing Disney and Cartoon Network. He eats candy, the mailman delivers mail, we go to the store, and on it goes. He prefers baseball to cricket for gawds sake.

Lactating elephants.

A review of Wilco in Atlanta
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