Thursday, February 27, 2003

Curb Your Enthusiasm was brilliant, so much so that I am going to watch it again later. It actually made me laugh out loud, in fact I ended up spurting hot tea all over the chuffing place.

The two year old fell down the stairs necessitating a trip to casualty and a minor panic as it happened at school leaving time and the eldest needed picking up. Like a cartoon cat the little bugger bounced right up and is right as rain. I swear between them they will see me into an early grave.

One of the triumverate at work I mentioned last week, the unholy trinity, has stuck her notice in. For all the use she is she may as well have been the Holy Chuffin Ghost. It has caused some rejoicing, but not here. She was relatively harmless and we had pretty well tamed her. Her poor relationship with the FFC means she leaves us alone, by and large.
Now some other berk will turn up eager to make a mark and we will have to start the breaking in process all over again. Meanwhile he or she will will leave their scent up every tree, pissing over everything they see, leaving a horrible stench. Pity its not the FFC going, now that would be a cause for celebration.

Got snapped by a speed camera the other week, letter arrived yesterday. The worst of it is I will have to phone the DVLA. About a year ago I needed a hire car from work, but my license was in Swansea. I had requested a new one ages before but they sent some stuff back saying it was now photo cards so I must send a photo back and some money, which I couldn't be arsed with. Anyway the hire car dude needed me to give the DVLA permission to divulge my details. The mad cow in Swansea gave me an almighty bollocking and made me promise to sort it all out the following day. Of course I didn't bother.
Now I have to phone them as I don't have my license number to give to the police. I bet I get the same lunatic and get bollocked all over again.

Tired and stressed. Off to bed witha cup of cocoa and Elmore Leonard. Will go link crazy tomorrow.
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