Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Steve Bell

When young George and the other right wing nutters, sorry, compassionate Christians, pray together, I hope they pray hard for the nippers of Iraq.

U.S cable news networks evidently reside on another planet to the rest of us.
Edward Said is, rightly, outraged.

Richard Williams is correct in his thinking on Beckham and Ferguson, I reckon.

More on the US media and fair and objective reporting.

More compassionate Christianity

Just signed up for my first Mefiswap

Tantric Teddies, via Ufez Jones at Mefi.

Homepage of the Dalai Lama via Plep

It's odd how bands/artists can become fashionable overnight. Until about a week ago I had never heard of Cat Power and I have to say her stupid name would tend to put me off anyway. Now she is getting (mixed) reviews in just about every paper and magazine I pick up. Still, anyone who streams their music for free is ok by me. It is very good too, which is also O.K in my book.
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