Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Once again, found on Mefi...take a leak

Apparently, those songs that get stuck in your head all day long are called earworms, and affect, mostly, neurotic women.

Swearing: it is big and is clever.

You would expect the US to be interfering in Venezuela, now that a champion of the poor has power, and you would expect the oligarchs to wage a campaign of dirty tricks, but I have to say I am surprised at the amount of interference coming from Spain. Surely they and the US must regularly be breaking international law?

US troops already in Iraq, how soon before they start blowing themselves up?

The Anglo-American rationale for attacking Iraq is quantitatively impressive, but qualitatively suspect

Christopher Hitchens gives up snarking at those of his ex comrades who do not share his lust for blood to write a brilliant piece on the perils of partition.

I would say Life in The Freezer is a brilliant blog about tagging seals in the Arctic, but it hasn't been updated since last November. What there is is well worth a detour though.

People taking their clothes off. Not safe for work, obviously.

Will Hutton states very eloquently why Europeans resent the current US regime, rather than the US itself.
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