Thursday, February 20, 2003

I have been very busy this week becoming Ed Harcourts newest and greatest fan. I had always ignored him as I have an innate dislike of handsome young dudes. He had been far too blessed to be able to offer us anything we might want to hear, I thought. Wrong. Both albums are fantastic, simple as that, absolutely classic pop.
I saw an interview with him in Uncut where he says he wants to make timeless music which would have been as relevant 20 years in the past or twenty years in the future as it is today. He has succeeded.

One of the more irritating phrases parrotted by those filled with a bloodlust is "What would you do". Well, personally, I would nothing, I cannot understand why all of a sudden it has become imperative that Saddam be removed because he is nasty. He has always been nasty and there is plenty of nastiness about elsewhere. I want a list of tyrants who we are going to remove from power after Saddam if removing nastiness has become the chief aim of international relations. Anyway, alongside that goes the accusation that you are "pro Saddam". There is a short but good thread on this issue with some very good links on mefi. I reccommend it. I cannot wait for my opportunity to accuse some warmonger of being pro Osama.
If not war..what?

Childishly, I have taken to replying "fuck off" or "get fucked" or "do I look like a pilchard" to the Nigerian scammers. This chap was a bit more resourceful, and seems to have wound one of them up beautifully.

Fax your M.P

The Prince Edward Island potato museum. King Edward Island would have been better.

The Cowbell Project
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