Monday, February 03, 2003

The space shuttle disintegrating was an appalling thing, no one needs me to tell them that. I cannot imagine what it must have been like to have been a family member, awaiting the return of loved ones then realising the sickening truth. I can fully understand why America has gone into mourning, or appears to have, but I have found the coverage on the BBC, particularly yesterday, offensive.
There was complete saturation on 5 live all through the day, with constant references to American heroism, with no attempt to offer any wider analysis. It was a tragedy for us all, and nothing could have been done to prevent it appears to be the party line. Hmm, maybe, maybe not, I don't know, I would have thought some hard and penetrative questions need to be asked though.
The thing that grated was the constant harping on about heroes. Essentially, what we have here is 7 individuals engaged in a highly dangerous occupation who tragically died in pursuit of it. Such events happen every day all over the world, and do not get mentioned. Tragedies of far greater import happen all over the world without a mention. 1500 people died before Christmas when a ferry sunk in Senegal, ask people about it, they will look at you blankly.
I may be wrong but it all smacked of propaganda, which devalues the lives of those who died, surely they are worth more than that.

Paul Gascoigne could have been the greatest player of his generation, but he pissed it all up the wall. Now he is reduced to touting his skills around the farthest outposts of the football empire, and tragically seems to be in complete denial as he continues his downward spiral into the gutter. Ian Ridley writes sympathetically on the complexities of the guy.

Paul Simon on the art, craft and graft of songwriting.

spionkop sent me this, which purports to be a confidential U.N document outlining the likely humanitarian cost of waging war on Iraq.

This is as cute as it gets, the kitten cam has gone but there is still a baby mice cam and a squirrel cam to gawp at.

This Times article on a package holiday to Tenerife made me giggle at least twice.

Motel confessions

Graffiti, lots of it.

It's a bit late but who cares, it's a good list of the best of last years music
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