Monday, May 05, 2003

Courtesy of Ragamuffin, the reluctant blogger: Baywatch, Birmingham UK stylee!

Winning hearts and minds in Fallujah.

"George W. Bush, master of denial. George W. Bush, wearer of masks. George W. Bush, soldier for Christ". Man, it's hard to be humble.

Commercial breaks and beats will help you find a piece of music you hear on the box.

I frequently make myself unpopular in Sainsburys and other shops when I pointedly take stuff out of bags packed by the cashier and then repack, properly. Even I had thought I may be being a bit precious about this, but now I discover it is actually an art, which should be taken seriously.
I am still in dispute with my local Sainsburys over that tenner, I might just e mail the article to the manager, being helpful, like.

I love a good deli (nyt)
I also love a good book.

To the rational world, Ron Atkinson is a big fat Villa bastard with a strange vocabulary all of his own. Others believe him to be a key semiologist.

I am sure I have mentioned Bookcrossing before but it is worth repeating. Basically it invites you to leave books about the place in order that others might read them; you leave a Bookcrossing message and hopefully the website gets notified. Even if that isn't the case, you have done a small, but selfless thing that may have benefitted someone who found it. What can be wrong with that?

The last press release of Comical Ali.

Nothing seems important. I don't care. Whatever. I can't be bothered with anything these days. My mind is like an empty room, but that's how it is. Pfft.
Never be stuck for something to blog again, thanks to the apathetic online journal generator.

I must have an airzooka!

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