Monday, May 19, 2003

You can barely pick up a paper or a magazine at the moment without finding some article on Cerys Matthews and her new album, Cockahoop.
There is a good interview with her in the Guardian.
I have the album and it's ok, better than most of the reviews I have read suggest. Mrs Buddha loves it, she likes her bruised and raw vocal style, and she identifies with strong women who won't be cowed. Unfortunately.

Also in the Guardian is a really good, well; it's more of an expose than interview, with Lou Reed. I really don't know why the guy has to be such a berk. I have seen loads of similar interviews with him recently and he came across like a twat on Radio 2 the other week. There is nothing wrong with exercising a little humility, especially if you havent made a decent record for about 30 years .

Rather than visit this blog, you might just as well go straight to the Guardian site, because I am about to link there again.
An extract from a book by Sidney Blumenthal, self aggrandising about his role in advising Clinton during the Lewinksy affair (pun intended)

The Bilderberg dudes have been meeting in France, busily mapping out all our futures.

Flash thingy looking at the military record of young George. I think it's supposed to be funny, actually it is quite depressing.

Apparently, being apathetic, I am one of Christianitys worst enemies, I am delighted to divulge. Which enemy of Christ are you?
Via Desultory Turgescence, which is a motherfucker to spell but worth a visit for the Nigerian type communication from Saddam.

Interview with Chomsky.

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