Wednesday, May 14, 2003

You can't beat a nice fish supper.

An interesting account of a day in the life of young George .

I have to get this t shirt.

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned I had found my way to the work of Charles Willeford. I wondered why he was not better known but having now read 2 novels I think I might know why. Excellent as he is he has a tendency to throw in irritating little racist jibes at every point. He is hardly the house author of the Klan, but it's off putting people are untrustworthy, pc is bad, indiginous Americans are lazy, everyone hates the white man but is happy to take his money, that sort of thing. I tell you I have gone right off him.

My new major dude is James Crumley. I am reading The Final Country, it's the gonads, if you don't believe me, have a look yourself.

As much as I loathe Arsenal, Terry Henry seems like a cool dude.

A dingle wing, is not the ear of a Wolves fan, it is the trailing wing of a spinning boomerang. The term was coined by an American. You too could learn fascinating jargon like this at The Glossarist, which has much more than boomerang stuff.

As much as you are likely to want to know about potted meat.

I don't quite know how you would describe this, it's a sort of compendium of things someone overhears on the tube. Anyway it's brilliant and I found it via Happy Hippy.
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