Thursday, May 01, 2003

This is a tragedy of almost unimaginable proportions.

Who won?

"If George Bush were connected to reality in any but the most tangential way, he would pull out U.S from Iraq and hand over the task of reconstruction to the United Nations."
"Though we disagreed with the means employed, there is now an opportunity for peace and for freedom in Iraq, and that can be a very good thing if it is properly advanced by people who respect the rights of the people of that region to be free, which means politically self-governing and the masters of their own resources. If that is what Mr. Bush has in mind for them, then we can still hope for a happy outcome. It is our experience, however, to expect otherwise."
It's a matter of emphasis

Deck of Cards

Celebrate Mayday by getting angry!

I found this pictures of tree fellers (pun intended) at Crossing The Frontier, which I found via Photoblogs

Gyroball. Bloody impossible!

Election day today, no party was offering Tax Cunts though!.

Beck has a blog

Little Guardian piece on blogs, I always wanted to be a d.j!

Spooky. One of the nippers mates was telling us the other day that his favourite book was Canterbury Tales, and that he had read it in modern and old English, with his dad, (this kid is 8). Then I happened upon this.

Things have got so bad at work I am a bit wary of putting stuff even on the new blog, though I will continue to do so. I would quite like the Fuck Faced Cowbag to see it, she would have a hard time proving it is me. Neverthless, it might pay to remember this place.
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