Friday, May 09, 2003

Saving Private Lynch

Ooh, look, a sonic boom.

If Bluetitch happens along here she will like Speedy, soppy as she is.

I know more than a few people who might benefit from a glow in the dark toilet.

Shoot the kitty.

I don't know what the point of this game is but it's bloody hard. The senile old chuffer spionkop will love it.

Have a look around an abandoned hospital

I think I may be addicted to E Bay.

Man, there is no better cure for an overtired and fractious toddler than to sit him in front of the Lemonjelly video at Sputnik7. I have to confess I like Lemonjelly, what's not to like;and talking of electronica I cannot recommend Manitoba, or, especially, Four Tet, highly enough.
Music is my saviour, along with the Mrs, and the kids, and literature, and cooking, and one or two other things. I had a motherfucker of a day ahead of me today and it turned out much, much worse than I could have anticipated. Knowing there would not be much light in the day I shoved The Wild The Innocent and The E street Shuffle into the cd in the car on the way in. For the 15 minutes the journey takes all the shit went away and I was 16 again, and fantasising about being a studly dude in New Jersey. Just the chuffin job.

I don't know. I try to keep this blogs brow unknotted, if not high. I like to think it is the art and the culture I link to about every 6 months that keeps my half a dozen readers enthralled on their bi monthly visits. So I apologise for all these bloody impressive cleavages!

Talking of e bay, you may find this dudes comments helpful.
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