Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Finally, got the mefiswap cd's in the post. I have some excuse but not much, they should have gone before now. After a very long wait at the post office I explained to the nice lady at the counter I wanted to send 2 packages to the US, 2 to Canada and 2 within the UK.
O.K she said you will have to make a customs declaration...fill in these little forms. I looked and explained I couldn't do that as they were all in Welsh. I will help she said, but couldn't speak Welsh herself, so Christ knows what the hell we have done. Are they all the same weight, she said, yes I replied so she wote the same weight in for each of them, then weighed them anyway. They all weighed different. We had to remove all the stickers and start again. Man I was popular. Finally I asked what the difference in price would have been. None she said, absolutely straight faced.
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Cardiff play QPR in a play off final at the Millenium Stadium in Cardiff on Sunday. You would not believe the racket the locals have been making. They want the Wesh national anthem played before kick off and the league has said nooooooo fuckin way Jose, quite rightly. Remember this is Cardiff, who play in the English league, in English competitions, all of a sudden getting all patriotic. I would say if you are that patriotic fuck off to the Welsh league.

Talking of patriotism, I have just seen Celtic defeated in the EUFA cup final. The support they took over was remarkable, and it included Rod Stewart, which wasn't so remarkable. We had to listen to him on the radio this morning telling us what a great Celtic fan he is and how he was worried he wouldn't get a ticket. I wonder how many other Celtic games he has been to in the past ten years.

A while back I went on about how pleased I was with myself to have discovered Haruki Marukami, and stuck some links up. There is a really good profile of him in, I am embarrassed to state, the Guardian. It was last Saturday; I tried not to post it!

Images of New York from the 40s and 50s.

I just happened upon Bookforum, there is nothing in particular I would recommend but it looks like I will be wasting many minutes there in future.
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