Tuesday, September 17, 2002

Following our glorious 3-0 victory over the Villa last night the knee jerk moralists have been out in force. After each goal some Blues fans ran on the pitch and danced about a bit. After the second, hilarious goal, one Blues fan got in the goalies face somewhat and danced about giving him the wanker sign before gently patting him on the cheek. Message boards and radio and television phone in programmes ahave been full of the holy telling the nation we should have points docked, or play behind closed doors, or have a massive fine imposed. Absolute cobblers, all of it.
You cannot blame the club because some unfortunate people have an inability to disport themselves in an appropriate manner. The "invasions" were all good natured and celebratory in nature, no violence was ever threatened, except by Villa fans who tried a less than good natured invasion of their own, after the first goal. The Enkleman baiter is a prize pillock, who should be easy enough to identify, at which point the legal system can deal with him.
But really, who could give a shit? It was nothing, at worst a little unedifying. What has the game come to when it cannot cope with such incidents in a passion filled and historic game without resorting to pious outrage? Much as I dislike that fan and what he did (Enkleman deserves sympathy and respect) I will vote for him in the BBC's fan of the month poll, as a mark of my outrage at the game being overtaken by whinging middle class ninnies. Christ, 20 years ago we would have had mass brawls on the terraces and little would have been made of it.
I was lying about Enkleman deserving respect, He plays for the Villa for gawds sake, he deserves opprobrium just for that!
One further point. Which was worse for the kiddies to witness, a daft Blues fan acting the goat or the Villa manager, Graham Taylor, and his assistant screaming obscenities in a most aggressive fashion at the linesman. BAN THEM NOW! I say.

What war looks like
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