Friday, September 06, 2002

Should anyone need me next week, here is my schedule

Two of the suspects in the Stephen Lawrence murder are to serve a minimum of nine months each for a racially motivated attack. Despite the sentence being 6 months less than the maximum, they are bleating about its severity. Poor wee dabs.

War with Iraq is absolutely inevitable, a U.S victory isn't. In a large scale rehearsal, the U.S lost, although they deny it is of any significance.

Babies in incubators. A timely and important article from Christian Science Monitor.
Christopher Hitchens writes very thoughtfully, but still hankers after war.
According to this Independent article, a high ranking Taliban official sent warnings to US "intelligence" and the UN prior to the plane attacks. No one seems to dispute it, and warning fatigue is somewhat airily blamed. In my profession people are regularly and routinely sacked for events they could have no control over, whether or not they had warnings. "Colleagues" from related disciplines always get away scot free. My point being that blase notions of warning fatigue make me feel very fucking nauseous. Why else do these "intelligence" bods exist if not to sort the wheat from the chaff?

I can barely believe it, I keep getting a pop up inviting me to buy a Sainsburys mobile!

I keep meaning to ask my gaffer where she has parked her broomstick

There has been a disappointing shortage of lists this week so I shall start my own.
Ragamuffin pointed the cyber Blues fans to this motorcycle funeral site. This got me thinking about all sorts but mostly about my top ten iconographic motorcycle images.
1: Mickey Rourke:Rumblefish, he may not appear on a bike but still...
2:Marlon Brando: The Wild One, obviously.
3: Steve Mcqeen: The Great Escape, how else would he have got a Prefab Sprout album named after him.
4:Frank Spencer
5:Jasper Carrott (me mum won' t let me fix it in the kitchen)
6:er..I'm stuck
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