Tuesday, September 10, 2002

How to get the nippers to eat healthy. Hmmm, maybe.
I explained very carefully to the eldest, 7 year old nipper the other week that the bright red colour in his sweets came from crushed cockroaches. "Really" ? he asked, full of awe. "Really" I declared, full of certainty. "COOL" he declaimed, reaching for another fizzy strawberry lace.

The High Line is a stretch of disused elevated track in Manhattan which some people are trying to preserve. Fortunately for those of us who like our Americana, there are some stunning pictures in the gallery. (via mefi)

Looks like I should make good use of the next 8 years.

Just another day in North Jersey.

Life in New York

Hold The Button

Some interesting thoughts on Islam.

Christopher Hitchens continues to talk tough. Brilliantly.

Lots of very moving stuff from The New York Times.

Fisk on Bush and colonialism

One year on in Afghanistan.

A Japanese viewpoint, one year later.
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