Monday, September 23, 2002

Free football manager game

Interview with Steve Earle

Steve Bruce blames card happy referees for the Blues disciplinary problems. Fair enough, Andy Durso, who reffed Saturdays game is a prize pillock but for us to have possibly our three most influential players on 10 bookings between them already is insane. Savage has 3 already despite being banned for the first two games and Purse is on 4, though that could be worse as he should have been sent off against the Villa. Cisse is very robust and will pick up cards but 3 at this stage is far too many.
Clint Mathis the American golden boy has been ordered to see a psychologist by his manager after persistent disciplinary problems and he seems to have agreed with equanimity. Bruce should insist on the same for our boys, they are pivotal to us and we run the risk of pointlessly losing all 3 at the same time. The loss of Grainger has already made us look a bit threadbare at the back, so it's not as if we can afford to lose any of them. They don't need to lose their aggression, they need to channel it more positively, and Savage in particular needs to learn how to smile and walk away from provocation. If the silly sod had a haircut it might help, at least he wouldn't be drawing attention to himself. It's as though he sets himself up for the boo boys and uses that as a stimulous. Very flawed thinking.

Our sonofabitch, the charmers most favoured by the US to take over from Saddam.

Jesus H Chuffin Christ On A Bleeding Bike. Yet another life expectancy quiz. This one from the New Scientist tells me I only have a measly 25 years left. Good job it's all cobblers.

American Girls. Brilliant, if infantile.
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