Wednesday, September 04, 2002

This morning I had a bill from Sainsburys mobile for line rental. This is for a phone that stopped working 4 months ago. I have encounterted the 8th circle of hell trying to reach the call centre, I have sent snail mail with a copy of the engineers report, I have e mailed them. Not one reply, but they still manage to send bills out. I used to spend around 200 quid a week in Sainsburys but now it all goes to Morrisons. So they lose about 800 quid a month because of their venality and tardiness. It doesn't make economic sense to me, but what would I know?

John Otway last had a hit 25 years ago. His fans have determined that for his 50th birthday he will have another hit. He is a true maverick who has kept going year after year, I really hope he gets that hit, he deserves it.
Interview with Otway.
Photos of Otway.
A couple of MP3s
( courtsey of Ragamuffin)

A photo essay on Hebron

Another link nicked from plep. This one is the website of the number 50 bus route in Birmingham, it's a real nostalgia trip for me. I was born in Balsall Heath and lived in just about every other place on there. I doubt that there is a pub in Mosely I havent been chucked out of at one time or another. Digbeth I have spent many a drunken night in and still wax nostalgic as I walk through it on the way to the Blues. Then there is the city centre, best forgotten!

Interesting article on reality TV

My eldest discovered Roald Dahl over the summer holidays, which is good news for me. Interrobang has started a Dahl related thread on MetaFilter. As you would expect it contains many links; this one being the most intriguing

Sachin Tendulkar will become the youngest player to participate in 100 test matches tomorrow. Here is a Times of India article on the little fella.
Loads more on cricinfo
The Hindustan Times has plenty to say also.
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