Wednesday, September 25, 2002

In over 10 years of marriage I have been unable to figure out my Mrs and her obsession with eating cold leftovers. Now I know.


The Booker prize shortlist.Somehow I don't think Waterstones staff need worry about being killed in the rush.
Extracts here.
Apparently, the Booker has dumbed down a bit this year with the judges deciding that high brow or difficult just isn't the thing.Truly the terrorists have won.
An interview with Jonathan Franzen on the subject of difficult novels.

A very provocative article on recent events in Hebron from a Jewish newspaper.

Casualties of Bush the Elders Gulf war

Almost forgot it's National Road Safety Week.

Finally, at last, Aki has updated. He is still having trouble with his dates though, and the truth is, it's hardly a classic.

Some iconic photos of the sixties by Fred Mcdarrah. (via mefi)
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