Thursday, October 10, 2002

Bloody Nora! I think I may have just invented a neologism! : BLOGBLOCKED. I have been unable to find anything at all that I would wish to share for the last 2 days. Nothing of great interest has happened that has required a rant, so my blog has remained empty. I could hardly be blocked like a writer, as all I do is nick stuff off other people and put it here, so I think blogblocked will do. I looked on google, it doesn't exist. Remember where you saw it first. Of course, I could have remained uninspired merely as a result of tiredness and ennui, so the word would make no sense at all in that context. I am claiming it as my own anyway.

It's a bit of a shameful thing for a bloke of my age and robust constitution to have to admit to but I am victim of chuffing bullying! Bloody hell, who would have thought it would come to this, talk about a mid life crisis. The simple facts are my gaffer treats me at best with utter indifference and at worst, and more usually, with absolute contempt. It's been going on for months, and now even my colleagues are beginnning to notice. But what can one do? go to the boss, hardly? Confront her? do me a chuffin favour. Its all about power and that cowbag holds it. I'll just have to keep my head down and hope the fucker gets run over by a bus.
This site doesn't offer any answers (there aren't any) but has been a bit of a comfort. I am not exactly suicidal about it more deeply humiliated and irritated. But what the fuck, it's only work, I hate it anyway.

Even in his heyday, when he was the self proclaimed "peoples champion" I always found snooker player Alex Higgins to be an irritating tit. It's his very tittedness (have I invented another one?) however, that makes for such a rivetting story.
Higgins: The comeback! I'm losing interest already.

The Booker Prize is nearly upon us. Having selected 6 boring books they are trying to retain our interest by allowing us a peoples vote. What I want to know is, why is it the man Booker prize all of a sudden?
Zadie Smith didn't make the short list, but will probably win many prizes over the coming months and feature heavily on book of the year lists. Her new one gets a massive, long review in the London Review of Books. It isn't very good.

I'm a loser baby, so why don't you kill me. I can hardly believe that Odelay is seven years old. Sea Change seems to mark a radical departure for young Beck. Here is a New Yorker review of it
Some more Beck reviews:
Rolling Stone
E online
Austin Chronicle
Village Voice
£8.99 from CDWOW with free delivery. Can't say fairer than that squire.

Some thoughts from The New York Observer on impending war ponders provocatively on the same.
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