Thursday, October 03, 2002

The worlds funniest joke. This is the second time this week I have been given cause to doubt the wisdom of science.
Metafilter has a good thread going on it.
Talking of funny, Bob Hope.

A while back I mentioned John Otways efforts to have a hit for his 50th birthday. It looks like the mad bugger has pulled it off , although typically he won't be getting all the royalties.

If you haven't got the google toolbar, what the chuffin 'ell have you been playing at?
More google

Turner had a gallery in his home. The Tate has recreated it online, you can move virtually around the room randomly clicking on pictures. It is very very cool.
While you are at it you could do some drawing yourself. There is plenty of help and advice available.

There is no way on Gods earth I shall be reading this in the very near future. If you do, let me know if it contains any spoilers for us underpriviliged Brits still suffering from Sopranos withdrawal.
Pretty please.

The Office. I think I will give the Gareth wallpaper a miss. I can think of a lady colleague who it would suit down to the ground though, for she truly is Gareth.

Bugger me! It must be weeks since I posted a Wilco related link.

The World Won't End was far and away the best album of last year, by chuffin miles. There does not seem to be anything new imminent, but there is an interview with Joe Pernice here. The news page of the bands website is irregularly updated but always worth a look.

The proper use of English. Very funny. Not at all safe for work.
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