Saturday, October 26, 2002

It will be an emotional day at St Andrews. Aliou Cisse, our midfielder, has just returned from Senegal following the loss of 11 of his family members in the ferry disaster. Funny how we hear very little about that, even though well over a thousand people died.
Mirror article
IC Birmingham article
Interview with Cisse in Guardian
The story has even made the Toronto Sun
Interview with Robbie Savage.

Thanks to John, from a Blues message board for the pic. Slightly bigger thanks to Ragamuffin for providing the squashed up version that fits on this page. I am going to have to learn how to do a template which doesn't leave half the page blank.

Gram Parsons had stated, apparently, that when he died he wished to be burned in the desert, which led to an interesting and bizarre episode. The above photo is of a Parsons fan burning an effigy of him at some Gramfest. Barking.
A little bio of Parsons.

How have you been sleeping? All you could wish to know about sleep.

Joel Veitch does the Vines

Clowns are a pestilence upon this land. A poem and animation from the guy who made the Spicy Brains thingy. This link is most definitely worth clicking, and the short wait is worthwhile.

I love you more than kittens

Never eat yellow snow. Create a work of art from piddle then pass it on. Pee Mail.

Make your own Bush speech.

Arts and Letters Daily has reappeared.

As a general rule, I am not much given to passing on the thoughts of our religious leaders. This however, is worth a look. It's a thingy on why a variety of religions or faiths would be against going to war with Iraq. It's also a pretty decent general philosophy on how we should conduct ourselves.
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