Thursday, October 24, 2002

This is why I love the web. Just aimlessly surfing around I came across this poem by Christine Hamm. It is quite brilliant, but definitely not for those who might be a little delicate. I had never heard of this poet, but of course was inspired to search out more. There was this, and this. There was loads more as well but google seems to be down, so if you like those 3, just do a google search and you will find more. Like these.
She has a blog, with a link to many poems.

Hitchens on Orwell

Hairy coppers. All that effort to make sure Peter Hain didn't get his grubby fingers on the levers of power. Laughable.

Aki is depressed

Build a face

At the time that Any Trouble were a bit popular they barely registered in my consciousness, there was too much else going on and pub rock, however classy was a bit passe. In retrospect though, they were pretty shit hot and their best songs stand up today. Also they had Clive Gregson. He is one our finest ever songwriters and guitarists, a regular with Richard Thompson, who would not pick monkeys for sidekicks. His partnership with Christine Collister was a thing of great beauty, a duo who would grace any era. So for him to be dissed by a nonentity such as Nicky Campbell must have been utterly galling for the guy. Clive phoned Campbells show today while Dennis thingy from Dr Hook was on. Dennis went a bit crazy over Clive and asked him to phone him on his mobile off air; he clearly knows a thing or two. Campbell doen't. before Clive had even said anything, Campbell said "thanks to Clive from Manchester" and cut him off! One of Britains greatest talents on air, ready to talk to a bit of a legend and he is reduced to CLIVE FROM CHUFFIN MANCHESTER. Ye chuffin Gods.
Have a listen to Girls Are Always Right by Any Trouble here.

I thought I posted a Sunday Times article on Kurt Cobain the other day, actually it was an extract from this book. The author goes on about Cobain being convinced that he had a suicide gene. I mention it because Bluetitch has been banging on about Jeff Buckley and the imminent release of songs previously thought not good enough. The Cobain book is a bit odious in my view. The author assumes omniscience in the last moments of Cobains life. I find it all a bit creepy and ghoulish, not to mention chuffin presumptious. The story is available on the Sunday Times site in the review section. You will need to register if you haven't already.

The Seattle Times has all sorts of stuff and links relating to the sniper dudes
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