Tuesday, October 29, 2002

There have been some great links on Metafilter this last couple of days. jnthngng posted several links to the sort of folk philospher of Turkey Hodja . It's very gentle folk wisdom. It' s the sort of thing which will appeal to lovers of Svejk .It also reminded me a bit, in tone, of Graham Greenes "Monsignor Quixote", which I will now have to reread.

Iconomy posted a great set of links on the Brothers Grimm, who were really quite gruesome, this one being my favourite.

George_Spiggott posted a cool link to some very old fashioned posters that have been appearing in London.

A fantastic night for barkingness at the football. Bayern Munich not only failed to qualify for the next stage of the champions league, they didn't even manage to qualify for the Eufa cup. Manchester Utd got humiliated 3-0 against Maccabi Haifa. Grimbsy let in five goals at home against Burnley, but scored six themselves and Andrew Johnson, who couldn't hit a cows arse with a banjo when he played for us, scored his second hat trick in four days for Crystal Palace. There was also a record low crowd for Wimbledon, who could attract only 840 paying customers. I see this last one as a triumph for the genuine supporter, who has shown the money men that he won't be taken for granted. Let it be a lesson to all the corporate asset strippers.

Click on a helmet and a hungry American gets a can of soup.

Yet another Wilco link, although is Wilco related really, being an interview with the guy who made the film.
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