Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Even though I say so myself, I can knock out a decent pizza. I use only the best and freshest ingredients that I can afford and I don't mind putting in the hard work at the kneading stages. I also give anything I cook a generous pinch of the most crucial ingredient: love. Somehow, though, I don't think my Pizza's would pass muster with Jeffrey Steingarten

There is a thread on metatalk relating to posting content not safe for work without a warning. I think I did that once, when I assumed I was my only visitor here, and someone sent me an e mail suggesting I was a bit of a git. I don't think I even apologised as I was so astonished to find I had any visitors. The thing I posted, which was hilarious, is used as an example of bad stuff. So is white seal says I love you, which, while also being hilarious, is not safe to click on anywhere, at anytime.

I suppose this shooting game might be considered in bad taste, but it is very, very cool. I am crap at it.

Aside from the fact he had a generally poor game and just didn't look international quality, Alan Smith is a chuffin liability. How Sven can ignore Le Saux, when we continue to look poor on the left, because of a suspect temperament, yet play Smith, baffles me.

I have said Seaman should be dropped ever since he grew his hair, I knew no good would come of it.

Hah! I did another IQ test

Ages ago I posted a story about life in a Kurdish safe haven in Northern Iraq. Here's another one, well worth reading.
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