Thursday, October 17, 2002

I have spent many hours explaining to Mrs Buddha that the web is an invaluable learning tool, and is the biggest philanthropist the world has ever seen. She won't have any of it. She reckons it's primary purpose is as a tool to speak cobblers to fellow Blues fans and to download stupid games. Well, now we have a genuine example of benevolent philanthropy. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is making all its courses available online for free. You cannot actually get a degree, but that is very far from being the point. Knowledge is being made available for anyone that wants it, that is definitely worth shouting about.

I have been waiting, agog, for the release of Scorceses Gangs of New York. The more I hear about it the more I am convinced it will be disastrous. This novel, set at the time of the draft riots which form the background of GONY, looks like a better bet.
More on Paradise Alley
A posh persons account of the draft riots.
Homepage of Kevin Baker

The Melbourne Age raises questions about the role the Indonesian military may have played in the Bali bombing. It certainly has an ignoble history.

Fellow Blues fan Hugh Mungus has an unnatural obsession with comely lady country singers. He has pointed us all in the direction of Laura Cantrell who I had never previously heard of. Her website has a couple of downloads which are pretty good but also has archives of a radio show she does from New Jersey. It appears to consist of music she finds in second hand shops and the like and it is chuffing brilliant. Big up to Mr Mungus.
Fairly old interview with Cantrell.


I have nothing against Wales and was delighted when they won last night. Living in the place though I suffer unbelievable grief when they do well (at anything) and England don't. So I have David Seaman and his haircut to thank for having had to endure a day of unimaginably witty repartee.

Good article on The Office.

Woody Harrelson on all sorts really, but mostly Iraq.
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