Thursday, November 07, 2002

Bloody hell. What a week. To top it all my littlest cherub did something to the pc as I switched it on and it's taken 5 and a half hours to get into the bloody thing. And I have just remembered it's only Thursday, which hasn't improved my mood.
What can I say about the multi talented Sarah, the eighth wonder of the world? I can't tell you what she did because I don't know what she did, but she did it, as it were. The whole thing had gone tits up and was going to stay that way, but she dug deep into my template and not only sorted the balls up out but generally improved things too. We don't even know each other. I am more grateful than I could possibly describe. Sarah, thank you.

Normal service will resume at some point soon I hope.

Given my obsessions with the mythology of New York and food, I wasn't about to pass by this NY Times article on Pizza.

Danny Provenzano is a New Jesey wise guy, or maybe he isn't. He is definitely a character.

Depressing but crucial photo journalism from Angola.

Plep posted a link to Malham and surrounding areas in North Yorkshire. It's worth a look I suppose if only for some nice photos of the area. I have very fond memories of the place because I once spent a week there as a 14 year old on a school field trip. I learnt a lot, though not much of it had anything to do with geography.

Any excuse to big up Manu Chao, this time in relation to his previous band Mano Negra. I noticed they have a compilation out in the US, well they have one available here too. If they had been a British or US band they would have been as big and important as The Clash or Nirvana. Well, the Specials anyway. This bloody internet costs me a fortune.
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