Monday, November 04, 2002

Whoops a bleeding daisy, I appear to have cocked up, big time. Good job it's only a bleeding blog.

Well, let this be a lesson to you, don't mess with things you don't undestand. Like HTML, for instance. Someone, who seems to be pretty amazing really, very kindly and selflessly sorted out the mess that was my assortment of links and whatnot, Christ knows how, and e mailed me the code. What she hadn't bargained for was my unrivalled capacity to be anything other than a clueless chuffin muppet. Anyway, it seems to be sort of sorted out now. Anything I posted before today is archived, (why? how? God knows, don't ask me). My links and what not are indeed much easier on the eye and still work and can be found waaaayy down the page.
An almighty big thanks to Sarah, who I shan't link to at this point. Despite my stupidity I am more grateful than you can imagine for your thoughts, your skill, your effort and your help. Anyone who believes in such stuff should send Karmic goodness her way, she deserves it.
I'm going for a cup of tea and a lie down.

Bleeding hell, it's like year zero on here, you will have to excuse me if I go a bit link crazy. As this seems to be the start of a new era I will commence with an article which is sports related but that I would recommend to anyone. A few weeks ago I posted some stuff about the British boxer, Ricky Hatton. I said he was brilliant at his game, but had some irritatng and alarming traits. In the end however, I decided he was probably a nice guy, not that it matters. Well, he is a very nice and humble guy, as are the rest of his family.

I posted this as long ago as, er, yesterday. In the circumstances it bears repeating. Falafel game.

I am almost embarrassed to admit my favourite poem is He Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven, by Yeats but there you go.Yeats is one of my favourite poets, full stop, it's just that one particularly moves me. So thanks to y2karl at mefi for this pretty definitive link to his works.

Kevin Smith, is keeping an online diary while he shoots his new film. Good stuff.

I always liked Michael Foot, even when the right wing press ridiculed him as a bumbling, scruffy oaf and the left lambasted him for being too right wing. He always seemed to maintain a certain dignity through it all. Good interview with him here by Simon Hattenstone. Nice to see you can reach 90 and still retain all your faculties.

Richard Goldstein, in The Village Voice, takes on the lefty warmongers.

Once a Catholic. War on Iraq would shame the world. There goes the Catholic church again, heaping guilt on anyone who might happen to be passing by. Agree with the report though.
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