Friday, November 15, 2002

Hmm, no Friday 5. I might do The Bluetitch 5 again later, see what other claptrap I can come up with. It's all true enough when I type it, but todays truth is not necessarily tomorrows, never mind yesterdays.

Have spent most of the day in the giant dustbin otherwise known as our local general hospital. I typed an almighty long piece about it but lost the bugger, and as my typing speed is about 25 words per minute, before I have to redo it all, I can't be arsed to go through it again. To precis: 3 year old daughter commenced treatment requiring general anaesthetic so unable to eat after midnight. Treatment took place at 3 pm 18 hours after her last food or drink. 5 hours in hospital for a ten minute procedure. 22 hours between meals. Waiting room in which we spent a completely unnneccessary 2 hours thirty minutes appalling and unsuitable for nippers. Waiting room measuring about 13 foot by 12 in which 4 post operative nippers and 9 adults waited 90 minutes abysmal. Nipper ok, me tired and pissed off. First of perhaps 10 treatments. Oh shit.

A very major thank you to Ragamuffin for this City Boylink. There was a time, in Birmingham at least, when they were were probably the biggest band in the world. Their following would put the Villa to shame and they played some absolutely storming gigs around the city. I once went to see The Sutherland Brothers and Quiver at the Odeon. I had no interest in them but City Boy were the support so went to see them for probably something like the twentieth time that year, thinking I was clever. I was not alone, I think the entire audience that night had turned out for City Boy. Apart from when The Damned supported T Rex at the same venue it is probably the only time there were more in the audience for the support than for the main act. I felt sorry for the Bros that night, when they came on half the audience just chanted for City Boy for about 15 minutes then left. I went soon after and there was only about 200 people left.
If the aforementioned Damned hadn't been and gone and released New Rose, City Boy would have been huge without a doubt. Poor buggers arrived just on the cusp and fell smack in the middle of two stools. Everything after their second album was pretty crap though, which probably didn't help.
The above gigs were both in 76 I think, so was the T Rex / Damned one. Also that year (I think) at the Odeon, I saw Third World, Black Uhuru (black someone or other anyway) Ry Cooder, Peter Frampton, Graham Parker, and Southside Johnny, Steve Harley plus many more. It was an eclectic year! And I walked out of Roxy Music at Bingley Hall in protest at their new disco tendencies, but that may have been the year before. None of the above takes account of bands I saw at Barbs and the various pubs and clubs like the top Rank who would have one off gigs. Jesus, these days I see about one band per decade.
The upside down in the atlantic guy ran Bingley Hall at the time. It burned down in suspicious circumstances.

Pluck Lawros tache. Scary and revolting.

Arse about with emoticons.
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