Friday, November 29, 2002

I could go along with this buy nothing day idea, if I didn't suspect that all those participating didn't make sure their larders were very well stocked beforehand. At the risk of having to change the name of me blog to Sanctimonious, I will continue to buy as I need to, but will give it some forethought anyway. Chuffin hippies!

I find myself on the horns of a dilemma. Unlike firemen, my profession really is shit and has a massive and dangerous recruitment problem. My employers, the bastards, gave us all (in my particular role) an extra grand per year over the national settlement (unison not involved, big surprise). Now they have offered us 2 thousand before Christmas if we sign to say we won't leave for 2 years. Of course I have said they can stick it up their collective arses, and flounced about, with what I hope was dignity. The reality is, though, I am more likely to get the sack than leave voluntarily, so I am kicking 2 grand into touch for nothing. On the other hand, whereas I see blue skys and tranquil seas my Mrs sees a new floor.
I think I will take the money, keep shtum and just keep adding to my cd collection.

Bluetitch, the old dear, was banging on about female songwriters on a Blues messageboard earlier. As a result I found out that Joni Mitchell's new lp is online.. I also reminded myself of the late and very great Laura Nyro.

All my life, I wanted to be a gangster. This is is as good as it gets.

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