Tuesday, November 12, 2002

The next big thing will be Jesse Malin.

I have always tended towards the Rousseauist notion that man is born innately good. As I get older though and more cynical, and increasingly tired of having to deal with unneccessary shit resulting from simple anti social behaviour, I struggle to hold on to that view.
I haven't yet become Hobbesian but I am more inclined to believe that both views might have some merit. Naturally, innately, if you like, I would tend to disregard the sort of evolutionary psychology espoused by Steven Pinker, but I am becoming convinced. Anyway, you can't help but warm to a bloke so adept at pissing off left, right, centre and the God squad.
Good interview with him here, It has provided me with the perfect excuse when I am bollocked for being late with some piece of work or other, "It wasn’t me, it was my amygdala". I would recommend you do not try to read it while being assailed on all sides by over tired and hyperactive nippers.

Alien Tiles game. I am crap at it.

Legendary West Brom striker Jeff Astle was renowned for his heading ability. Unfortunately it killed him.

I have banged on about Simon Armitage and his poetry before. Here is an article by him on his relationship with Bob Dylan.

I am not surprised that US soldiers brutalised and humiliated terror suspects. I am not angered by it, or outraged, just saddened. No one should be treated like that, especially by people who claim to hold the moral high ground.

8 million stories in a New York minute.

Oh Bugger! Fat isn't good for you after all. Unless you are a drug company, then it's very good for you.

Warren Zevon talks to Rolling Stone.
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