Saturday, November 09, 2002

I am not generally a fan of cd's on magazine covers, I certainly wouldn't be tempted to buy a magazine just because it has a cd on, although I do buy magazines with such accoutrements. Uncut occasionally has something good on the cover, but not often, it's usually crap, good magazine though. There is an exception. The current edition of Wire has a double cd on the cover which celebrates 20 years of the magazines existence. It is brilliant, probably my album of the year, well worth buying the magazine for the cd alone.
£3.30. What a chuffin bargain. It has some seriously out there stuff on it and some seriously beautiful stuff and some seriously groovy stuff. The credit card is about to take another hammering. Some of the stuff it has on it is Wire, I had forgotten what a glorious cacophony they made, one of the best gigs I ever saw at Barbarellas was Wire.
Best of all though, it has a track by Liars, which glories in the best song title ever: "Grown men don't fall in the river just like that"

Mad items for sale. Makes me smile anyway.

Click to engage. Very simple, very cool, little shockwave thingys. I say simple, it's all relative of course.

No need to be bored ever again, you can play shoe, anywhere.

Is Vic there? The new Subway Sect album is supposed to be brilliant, but I haven't heard it. If its anything like as good as this interview with Vic Godard, it will be worth hearing. Be warned, you could easily get lost in all the links provided within that article. One of them pointed in the direction of Cowboys International. I had forgotten all about them, I used to love em. I'm sure I have a record of theirs in the garage.

First you build em up, then you knock em down. Collapsing teddy bears.

The White House provides full text of Bush's comments following the election reults. Made me smirk.

The great contrarian, Christopher Hitchens, gets some back.

I am happy now. Blogger seems to be working again, and I have found a list. A very poxy list it has to be said, but a list nevertheless. The BBC seems to have asked for a vote on the best songs from 50 years of the charts. This is what it came up with

Pete Townsend on the Kurt Cobain diaries.

I saw an interview with Damon Gough somewhere today, can't remember where, in which he is complimented on the sexiness of his new record. The boy acknowledges that his music is sexy and bemoans that this fact is often missed, because he is no oil painting. So I went back to the "The Hour of Bewilderbeast" It is much sexier than I thunk. Very sexy in fact.
Sexier than the sexiest sentence.
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