Saturday, November 16, 2002

A fascinating glimpse into the lives of some of the 3000 children who make their home in the main railway station of Calcutta.

Thanks to Conquistador, at Sportsfilter, for this brilliant piece on an undercover New Jersey cop who first infiltrated the mafia, then became a baseball ref.

Barking Japanese flash thingy, found first on mefi, then realerted by fellow Bluenose, Squealy. This is an altogether more sophisticated use of the medium: Colour by numbers.

While this Santa swapping thingy isn't as philanthropic as the the book leaving thingy, whose name I forget, but is very cool, or as personal as say, mefi swap, I still think it is has the potential to be a bit of a giggle.

Porn movie titles, based on real movie titles. Smirkalicious.

A fair, balanced, and understated appreciation of Bush the younger.

Knife in the Water

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