Wednesday, December 25, 2002

A bit of history

Not so happy Christmas

Well, its been a brilliant day all round, peace love and happiness was certainly the order of the day in our house; expensive as they are nippers are a chuffing delight.

The Saudi school curriculum might go some way to providing the answer to why so many of the buggers seem to be bloodthirsty terrorists.
Interesting piece on the logic of suicide attacks.
How to celebrate Christmas in that most tolerant and open of Arab countries, Saudi Arabia.

Skipping game, gruesome.

There is a really good thread on Strummer over at Plastic. It actually raised a smile, when one bloke pointed out that hanging around with the Pogues is a hazardous business. It was about this time last year that Kirsty Mcoll got killed by one of those jet ski thingys.

They are having some chuffin weather in America. Cool pics here.

Brilliant article by William Dalyrmple on the similarities of Judaism, Islam and Christianity.
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