Thursday, December 12, 2002

Woke up this morning to see beautiful, thick, white, snowflakes tumbling from a very heavy sky. We have about an inch on the ground now. Believe me, this is a very big deal around here. Any snow at all is rare and snow that sticks is rarer than a smile on the face of the FFC. I have already managed to crash the car, it wouldn't turn or stop as I was coming home from a futile attempt to get into town, careered straight into the kerb, fucking up a wheel. No grit to be had anywhere in the county apparently, or if there is the council can't find it.
Most of my neighbours have moved their cars and parked on the main road, making hazardous conditions even more hazardous; you have to go straight down the middle of a very steep and ungritted road with no margin for error, praying no one comes the other way. Very dodgy. It's also a slight case of overkill, because even when snow settles around here it never stays long. Chuffin panicking fuddy duddies.
Still it is a beautiful and idyllic scene up this mountain. The nippers are loving it and of course have stayed home from school. They are having the time of their little lives making merry in the garden and I have used one roll of film already. I expect there will be tears when they realise how cold their little donnies are. I have had the opportunity to issue the wisest of fatherly advice: never eat yellow snow.
We used to take the eldest to Birmingham every year to see The Snowman before they shifted it to Lonon. The video comes out regularly and will make an appearance today I expect. The daughter always pipes up at the end, after he has melted and everyone is feeling a bit lachrymose "never mind, he can build another one!"
I expect I will be on snowman building duty later.
What's the difference between snowmen and snow women?....Snowballs!
Build a snowman, and other snowy stuff, from an unlikely source.

A new game show is coming wherin contestants buy and sell shares in celebrities, like a fantasy football league I suppose. It will be big I think, and there is an online version already available. Get in before it is killed by hype.
There is also an American version.

Blast billiards, not only is it good, you can win a couple of bob, provided you aren't crap at it, like me.

Mix of the Week. Groovy.

Why Washington believes itself to be at war

Optical illusions. Concentrate very hard on number 7.
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