Sunday, December 29, 2002

Salon review of Gangs of New York.

According to Ian Ridley in The Observer, Rooneys tackle against us last week was somewhwere between a red and a yellow card. Excuse me?? What the hell is that supposed to mean? I hadn't realised the Premier League had introduced orange chuffin cards. I like Ridleys journalism usually, he is very astute and has an empathy with the underdog or those who have come through straightened circumstances, but this takes the biscuit. He admits in his article that his view is tempered by the fact that the offence was committed against Birmingham, and sort of suggests that we deserve all we get, because we are an unlovely club.
Well, I can live with that up to a point, it would be hard for a neutral to find much about us that is aesthetically pleasing and you would be staring at some of our supporters for a very long time before the word beautiful popped into your head, and he will have only have visited, if at all, when the place has been a bit of a cauldron. The Guardian and The Observer seem to have developed a bit of a thing about us though and it grates. Why go on about our shortcomings in article about a player for another team. We were left with ten men after that tackle and our player ended up with 8 stitches. We were so short of cover as result that yesterday, against Manchester United we had a 17 year old up against Beckham and finished with a mediocre centre forward at centre half, a centre forward in fact who got sent off last week as a result of a total inability to time a tackle. A bit of credit where it is due wouldn't go amiss.
Anyway before we go overboard about the likes of Rooney and Milner we do well to recall the career of Nigel Jemson.
Ridley on phone ins.
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