Thursday, December 19, 2002

It looks like a foreign power is interfering in the affairs of another state for ideological reasons. I await the wrath of the international community but suspect it won't be forthcoming.

Trapped all the way over the other side of Newport to a JJB superstore after work. Miserable journey in the pitch black through miles and miles of roadworks and what for? a chuffing baseball glove! did they have one?...not on your chuffin nelly.

Managed to get a rambling e mail read out on national radio this a.m, I have to admit I was a bit chuffed even if the presenter was a bit snarky about it, the gobshite.

One year on and the US is still fighting in Afghanistan.

Oo bleeding well er. I suppose I should think carefully before calling the FFC an ugly, miserable, bullying old fecker. Found the link on mefi, which also directs us here. Scary.
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