Saturday, December 07, 2002

The do is done. It's all a bit vague but I don't think I disgraced myself. I am not getting waves of embarrasment and disgust with myself anyway. Given that I have no clue how I got home nor any recollection of a conversation Mrs Buddha reckons we had, I will still step into the office on Monday with some trepidation.

John Hegley

As we approach the season of goodwill, I have a message for my gaffer.

This site invites you to read a word then write as much as you can in a minute. Oddly appealling.

The beat page is very good.

Posh revolutionary Tariq Ali wonders just what is so peaceful about Jimmy Carter? Next up for a peace prize will be Poindexter, I suppose.

A poll of 38000 people in 44 countries suggests that young Bush is courting massive worldwide discontent re war with Iraq.

I am a little bewidered by the rate my blog feature. For months there was nothing, it was stuck on about 30 votes. In the last week it has rocketed and now exceeds 80. There is a clear split between those who hate it and those who like it, there is very little in between. Weird, why all of a sudden do people feel like offering an opinion and why no middle ground. Mind you it's a bit like that in real life, I have a tendency to provoke extremes in people. Nice that people notice and take the trouble anyway, even the haters! I love you all.

Death by Ruby.

Surfing around I came across a what's your theme song link. I sort of sussed it would be poxy but signed up and did it anyway, using a genuine e mail address, like a sap. Anyway, my theme song is "my way" by Limp Bizkit. I have never knowingly listened to a Limp Bizkit song, and I suspect I don't want to. If it's anything like the "My Way" written by the French dude and popularised by the blessed Frank and the idiotic Sid I am insulted. I hate that piece of self justifying, self aggrandising shit. Worse, I think I am now inviting e mails from sad 40 something females who are into crap rock. It is a chuffing match making agency.

Got Dylans Rolling Thunder album today. Wouldn't usually mention buying an album or this this blog would consist of nothing else, but I love this chuffer, and I am not a fan, particularly. The reason I mention it is Mr Tambourine Man. I hate it by the Byrds, but he does a great version on this album. Neither stands up to Gene Clarke doing it solo though.

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