Friday, December 27, 2002

I don't want to offend the lovely and fragrant Bluetitch by appearing to ignore her 5, so I will explain why I can't answer it. Believe it or not it is a short answer; it's all to do with new years resolutions, well, I have never in my life made one and I don't intend to start now.

Had a chuffing good day, some of the family got together, a rare occurence outside of funerals. Pissed from very early on, for a change. Quite late now and bobharfords nipper has stayed over and is demanding balsamic chitterling sarnies.

Blues v Man U tommorrow. No rational person would expect anything other than a stuffing for us, but...but...when did reason ever come into it?? Me and about a half dozen other Blues fans saw us beat probably one of the best ever Liverpool sides 3-2 at Anfield, at a time when they were really going for the points. If we had been rational beings we would not have been within 100 miles of the place. There is always hope. However, I can't see Man U losing 3 on the trot, certainly not against a ragged arsed bunch of cloggers and misfits like us.

Hugh Mungus is threatening to quit blogging, he thinks he's not much good at it. I hesitate before pointing out my archive, but it's there in all it's humiliating glory. He thinks this is a good blog along with Ragamuffins, and leaving aside all modesty I think he has a point I think what I do is o.k, but hardly earth shattering. What Rags does is very much more than o.k but that dude is an exception. Mungus has made a fucking good start to his blogging. Visit his site, say hello, give him big love.
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