Friday, December 13, 2002

I always think of Jimmy Stewart around Christmas. Sad saps that we are we describe our ideal house as a "Jimmy Stewart house". Which is a long winded way of pointing to this fantastic Jimmy Stewart appreciation type thingy.

Land the monkey on the moon

Hugh Mungus rescues us Friday Five freaks:
1 What is your favourite Disney Song Ever ?
Bear Neccessities
2 What is your favourite No1 record ever ?
I really don't know, number ones mean nothing to me..."Do They Know It's Christmas" probably. Not really, I hate that piece of trite cack.
Was "Judy Teen" by Cockney Rebel number one? Or something by Sparks? "Amateur Hour" was great. Something from about 1972 or 3 anyway, "Roll away the Stone" by the Mott the Hoople, that will do.
3 What is the most played record you own ?
If the nippers had their way it would be the soundtrack of Shrek, which is ok actually, as these things go, at least it ain't S Club 7 or somesuch. This week the Bob Dylan Rolling Thunder Review has been getting severe heat. This year, The Flaming Lips probably, especially as nipper number one loves it and it keeps him quiet while he sings along in the car, if that isn't an oxymoron. Most played ever, probably Sandinista by The Clash, though Wreckless Eric still gets played after all these years, as do Massive Attack, talking of which Feb 10th is a day for your diary.
4 What is the song most you are most likely to sing in shower/bath ?
My old mans a dustman.
5 If you could magic a band , full line up , back together who would it be ?
The Band.
Radical old punk gets found out.

I happened upon a new greatest ever title for a song today. Lady Saw: "Peanut Punch Mek Man Shit Up Gal Bed".

Save the grub from the hairy great spider.

American food.

Zen stories to tell your neighbour.

I don't really do LOL but chatroom made me LOL at least once, and smirk several times.

Should we tell the nippers about Santa or not? No in my opinion, reality will smack the poor wee dabs in the face soon enough. Everyone knows about the teacher in Florida who told her class it was all cobblers, leading the school to bring in a Santa to prove it wasn't cobblers. Brilliant mefi discussion on it.

Their aint no sanity clause.
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