Friday, December 20, 2002

Cute flash christmas carollers

Train the reindeers

Save the Consumers

In truth, I coudn't give a stuff about Leeds Utd but their deputy chairman has got right up my nose today. He was instrumental in sacking O'leary and now says that results under Venables are having a detrimental effect, on and off the field. Subtext being of course, my shares are going down. Well, the dude has to accept major reponsibility but seems unwilling to do so. Leeds gambled massively, speculating to accumulate, as it were, but screwed up big time. As my Italian friends say, a fish rots from the head down. Mostly though, he has got on my nerves for stating that failing to qualify for the champions league cost Leeds £20 million. Excuse me, how could it? I wasn't aware of the rule that states Leeds must qualify or forfeit 20 million. How much did such a failure cost Blues, or Grimsby, or Leicester? It cost nothing, the same as it cost Leeds. The Geezer is a chuffin idiot.

Alex Petridis of the Guardian is a bit of a twat most of the time; in his round up of the years music though he gets it spot on in bigging up the Streets and Flaming Lips. The Streets sounds better now than when it was released, not because it is full of undiscovered nuance and subtlety but because it shows up how little there is that is in anyway fresh or invigorating. He lets himself down badly with his support of the woeful and gimmick ridden Polyphonic Spree, not to mention The Coral, who could easily subsidise their income by doubling as a Freddie and the Dreamers tribute act.

The Bluetitch 5
1) What is the best Christmas present you've ever received - DO NOT INCLUDE BIRTHS!
2) What is the worst Christmas present you've ever received - DO NOT INCLUDE SOCKS OR TIES!
3) What present are you hoping for?
4) What present are you dreading receiving?
5) Describe your best memories of Christmas

1: The Birth of the baby Jesus
2: Jesus Loves You matching socks and tie set
3: Peace love and happiness
4: A head injury from overbalancing, although I have the properties of a weeble, I always manage to injure myself one way or another at Christmas. Mrs Buddha first fell for me when she had to scoop me out of the casualty department at Cardiff Royal Infirmary on the 23rd December, back when we were young.
5: Well this Christmas really, the eldest is pleasingly still excited by it all, albeit in an understated way, the daughter though, is about fit to explode, I can't see how she will get to Wednesday without spontaneously combusting. It is a delight to behold. Plus I am off for 2 weeks and the FFC has a very nasty surprise waiting for her on Monday.
2 of the above answers are not to be taken entirely seriously.

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