Thursday, July 18, 2002

Competition for British Bloggers

Spooky Spooky Spooky. Things like this are always happening to me, but not with lottery numbers, funny enough.
Last Saturday, going for a family tootle, as you do, I picked up a compilation of Stiff records greatest songs (hits would be something of a misnomer) to play in the car. Now this CD is just a bit of memorabilia really and of no consequence at all, moreover it's not something I would generally choose to keep the nippers quiet; it's not chuffin Shrek for a start.
Anyway, out of its 18 or so tracks, "One Chord Wonders" by The Adverts was the only one that I chose to explain anything about to a now disgruntled family. Then, much later, on some history of punk thing on Radio 2 they guessed. I have never heard that song on the radio before and it's never been a particular favourite of mine, then I hear it twice in one day.
It doesn't end there though. Just idly surfing about tonight, looking for nothing in particular, I came across a website for the chief Advert TV Smith, who still performs, though it all sounds a bit sad really.
The punk programme was called Never Mind The Horlicks and is available online, only till Saturday though, I think. It was pretty good, but had some terrible omissions; some terrible inclusions too, come to think of it.
I am concentrating very hard on the lottery numbers.

My analysis of "Le Tour" proved a bit curates eggish, although I have to concede I got it hopelessly wrong. Armstrongs performance today was astonishing. I did say that he was expected to attack and that it would be unmissable, I did not expect him to be quite so strong. There are many hills to climb in this race yet and anything can happen; it probably won't though.
Botero may still do something impressive, I haven't given up on him.
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