Tuesday, July 23, 2002

Have you had your yatta today? (via mefi)

Every time we go abroad I spend the whole time boring the Mrs by wondering aloud about the cost of food. Day after day we eat as a family in unpretenious but very good cafes, bars and restaurants. We don't skimp, we eat what we fancy and have plenty of drinks and are always surprised by the quality of what is put in front of us, and by the price. What, I demand, stops British caterers from providing similar quality at a similar price? And that's before I start on the ambience. We hardly ever eat out at home, because the experience, for one reason or another, usually to do with the nippers, always ends up disappointing.
This goes some way to explaining why.

Botero finally has a good day

This Steve Bell cartoon brought a smirk to my face.

Eat less saturated fat and salt, or you will go barmy

This story referring to telephone conversations between stewardessess on one of the planes that flew into the world trade centre, and a flight controller seems to be appearing everywhere. It is very distressing even at this remove, but begs questions. What was the bomb like thing and what were they spraying ? I thought the hijackers were unarmed apart from knives. Also, why has the FBI suppressed the first 4 minutes of one of the conversations?
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