Tuesday, July 30, 2002

The world looks different from a freight train. A great article on latterday hobos in the U.S.

The Mercury Music Prize shortlist has been announced. What a dismal selection it is, Bowie?; for gawds chuffin sake. It seems like these days if ageing rockers put something out that isn't completely embarrassing it is hailed as genius, rather than the overblown AOR it usually is.
If The Streets doesn't win I shall eat my lucky hat. It is very far from being the best album released this, or any other year, but it as least fresh, witty and playful. Some samples are available on the website, not the whole album though, as was the case until recently. There is an album of mixes on there though, look under sneak previews

Shameless and inveterate seeker after plugs that I am, I have now signed up with Blogsnob

Christ, it's hot.

The BBC has put loads of gigs from WOMAD online, in their entirety. Ozomatli is up, as is Orchestra Baobab. Little George Sueref is definitely worth a listen, and pretty soon the absolutely stunning Mariza should be up. There are many others.
For one week only, the BBC has made all 4 of their WOMAD broadcasts available online.

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