Monday, July 08, 2002

It's national vegetarian week, though I would like to know who decides these things. I declare that next week will be "give all your money to Fat Buddha week". Is that sufficient, I wonder?
I like this quiz mainly because I got all ten right at the first attempt. My subsequent gloating when the Mrs didn't got me a substantial whack, however.
Vegetarianism looks increasingly attractive after reading this article on chicken nuggets. I don't believe I have ever eaten a chicken nugget although the kids have. I am careful to read labels to ensure there is no mechanically recovered meat, but the whole business looks unappetising. Reading this article puts you off the whole thing. And thats just chicken. I don't even want to think about the inhumane ways in which we treat pigs and I don't believe I will ever eat anything bovine again. Pass me a falafel.

There was an exciting bunch finish in Le Tour, which is always a great spectacle. Bertogliati retained the yellow jersey, it still has something of an air of phoney war about it though.

The Blues continue to be linked with players from around the world that nobody has ever heard of, no more new signings yet though. It apears that there are at least 3 players called Cissé earning a living in France. Who would have thought it?

I really like this review of Wilco

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