Saturday, July 20, 2002

I cannot recommend this website highly enough. It is beautiful and stunning.

David Millar, not previously known for his sprinting ability, won todays stage. Zabel and McEwan are now dead level on points for the green jersey. Ventoux tomorrow. A more pertinent Ventoux link


Is it too early to start getting excited about the upcoming football saeson? I think not. Blues followed up Wednesdays win with a 6-0 victory today. You can tell we have hit the big time because the BBC are putting up match reports of our friendlies, for gawds sake.
One of the joys of the football season used to be Danny Bakers post match phone in on 5 live, at least in its early days. I know he has graduated into a first class pillock, but at least he used to bring a bit of passion into it, and had heard of some of the teams outside the prem. He would never have allowed clueless women or nippers to monopolise valuable whinging time either. How they could have replaced him with the clueless and clearly ersatz Mellor is beyond me. And Littlejohn! Christ on a chuffin bike. The part timers are equally irksome. The fat baggies fan is becoming ubiquitous across the airwaves, so is irritating by dint of that. At least he knows who the real Blues are. Steve Cram is very, very boring and interested only in Sunderland. I think they should get me on.
I only mention it because i found a pretty good interview with Jon Savage on punk and fanzines and stuff. I have mentioned before that Savage is an irritating twerp, (any John without an H is a twerp, by definition) but it's a decent enough article. Anyway he slags Baker off in it, clearly he thinks he is an undereducated oik, which is the problem with Savage.
To the point, there is a link to a Danny Baker page, which in turn contains a link to a download of Baker insulting a caller, which led to his sacking. There are many reasons that could be found to end Bakers disasterous second stint on 606, but that isn't one of them. It is a classic piece of broadcasting and illustrates why the C list celebrities they insist on putting on the show are part of the dumbing down of the BBC. I urge you to click that link and even if you don't read the page, which isn't very interesting, scan through for the "insults a caller" link.

Corporate scandals? It's all to do with penis envy. This is very lengthy and not amusing in the slightest. No pun intended.

While I'm at it, I may as well link to this article about the US anthrax attacks. If true it's very worrying.

I am beginning to feel somewhat assailed by "The Adverts", they were mentioned twice on "Never Mind the Horlicks" tonight, and also put in appearance in the previously linked Savage interview.
Savage has plenty to say on "Horlicks" too. In that interview, he dismisses the fact that he is an able scholar who attended Cambridge and stresses his West London roots. Well, his plummy vowels are hardly the sound of the westway.

Talking of penis envy

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